What is IELTS? What do you have to know about it? Do we have a lengthy format procedure to appear in the exam? Almost all the students who wanted to pursue their masters abroad juggle with these questions. The people who want to make a career over there is not an exception. However, there is no one constant answer to these questions. Of course! Even though the format is standard, the way of approach will be different from one another. We at ASIC one of the best IELTS coaching centers in Kurali follow a unique method that certainly provides all the possibilities of the exam. This article will walk you through the different sweet spots that have kept you away from scoring more bands.

1. Are you answering to relevant question?

This is one of the common mistakes done by the students. Always answer to questions that have been asked. Most of them try to put them like an essay which makes it no easier. Bring relevant points on paper with the example. Staying close to the topic with the specific information will affect your score on the exam.


  • Write answers that are directly related to the topic given
  • Bring ideas and examples that will contain only specific information. Generalizing the solutions does not prove your answering ability
  • Build a content flow that has a flow of information rather than standalone situations or examples.


  • Irrelevant information
  • Too many facts
  • Memorized essays
  • Statistics that are not backed up by research

2. Are you answering all part of the question?

Read the question carefully and understand the various parts of them. Classes from AS Ielts Centre, Kurali for IELTS, will be offering practice to answer all the segments to score more than 6 in your exam. Suppose if you need to present your opinion, you are free to do it. But always include a statement, in your opinion. The positioning of your comments is equally vital in your prompt answers

For example: Do you agree with the statement above? Discuss your idea in detail. What are the solutions to overcome these problems?


  • First, read the question and analyze the different segments
  • Present your opinion with the relevant information
  • Support your essay with the views and bring relevance to the essay
  • Comment on more than one element to get a diverse opinion
  • Decide the number of solutions to be written


  • Ignoring the part of the question
  • Not breaking the answers to support every part of the question
  • Producing a short essay

3. Do you organize your writing?

Organizing the answer is the key to a good essay. Always have clear parts in a short paragraph. In fact, this is one of the tricks to be followed even if you are not confident about the answer. Each paragraph must follow a similar format. For example, ‘PEEL’ essay formats work best in IELTS exam
Point – You know what you are writing about. Introduce your topic carefully
Example – Produce relevant example that supports the point
Explain – Give enough information about the point
Link – Good transition line that connects the paragraph


  • Produce ideas in small paragraphs not more than 100 words
  • Come up with the linkers that enhance the flow of information
  • Necessarily add introduction and conclusion


  • Writing single or two-sentence paragraphs
  • Long paragraphs with no differentiation

4. Are you using Memorized phrases?

The first rule of IELTS classes Chandigarh is to avoid memorized phrases. Even though IELTS is an exam, the language needs to be natural. The subtle but strong evaluation of the exam will always include how instinctive are your answers. Overused idioms, phrases and cliché proverbs will drag you down from whatever being your answering method. Write only things that are appropriative with simple and clear language. The choice of words is always crucial in this exam


  • Precise with appropriate words
  • A language that makes sense for the essay
  • Words that are common to understand
  • Collocation that is relevant


  • Idioms and cliché sentences that are not required
  • Using slang
  • Imprecise and unusual language


These are some of the essential things that most people are aware but often forget as they appear for the IELTS exam. The best IELTS coaching center from Chandigarh provides constant support, assistance and feedback with every attempt that you make before the test. For example, they don’t consider the mock tests lite. They ensure you are confident and progress clearly by correcting the mistakes every time. After all, this is not just an exam, it is the language that helps you survive.

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